Welcome to   where your gastronomical satisfaction is our goal, following a belief in using the freshest, finest quality ingredients cooked to your order. You will taste and feel the freshness while indulging in delicious creations, knowing that we take great pride in providing wonderful healthy alternatives by frying in zero trans fat vegetable oil, while breakfast and grilled items are prepared with nature's wonder food, the most cherished Olive Oil.
All meats are hand carved here, and everything from the home potatoes, the rice, dressings, vegetables, guacamole and our signature fresh broasted chicken are prepared inhouse.
The Greek Style recipes will give your orders a different twist and the healthy choices of olives, feta cheese and garlicky extra virgin olive oil salad dressings will leave you guiltless about your choices.
So come on in and enjoy your meal fresh at our indoor or outdoor patios, order from the comfort of your car at our drive thru station, or call ahead and your order will be waiting for you.
Thank you for your patronage and if any special requests arise, please feel free to ask, we will do our best to fulfill them.

Open daily from 7am-10pm


      Higlhy prized for its flavor and medicinal qualities  throughout time, this liquid gold is the fruit juice of olives. 
The gift to humanity of the ancient
Greek Goddess Athena.
To your health!


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Enjoy the California sun at our outdoor patio, order at the drive thru, or call ahead and your order will be waiting!